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MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum

6-9 December 2021


The MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FILM MARKET & RUSSIAN FILM BUSINESS FORUM (MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum) is the successor of the oldest cinema business related event in Russia that was launched in 1989 and was rebranded in 2019.  

The MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum brings together leaders and managers of film distribution companies and cinemas, production and film studios, cinema funds, motion picture associations, new digital media representatives, service companies and equipment suppliers, entertainment industry representatives, etc.

In 2021 for the first time the MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum will be held with the support of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the сity of Moscow and the Department of Culture of the сity of Moscow.  The event will be co-organized by Moskino (

The MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum communication platform is created to promote domestic and foreign projects and companies to the market of Russia and CIS countries. Organization of exclusive presentations of film production/service companies and up to date content as well as promotional campaigns, film screenings etc.

Russian film industry development assistance, promotion of foreign box office and independent content to russian film market, russian film content promotion to CIS and Baltic countries markets.


6-9 December 2021

May 2022 (dates TBC)

29 November – 2 December 2022

May 2023 (dates TBC)

The MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum takes place twice a year at the Digital Business Space (47 Pokrovka street, Moscow).

Additional venues include Moskino Zvezda cinema (18/22 Zemlianoy Val street, building 2) and Moskino Kosmos cinema (109 Prospekt Mira).

Accommodation - Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya 5*

Address: Kalanchevskaya Street 21/40, Moscow, 107078, Russian Federation

For the MIFM&Russian Film Business participants rooms are available at the special discounted price. Participants who have paid the accreditation will receive a special booking code to be provided to the hotel reservations depatement.

Special offer is valid till 23 November 2021.

Standars Room (30 sq.m), breakfast included:

Single occupancy - 6 100 rubles

Double occupancy - 6 800 rubles

*Reservation/cancellation rules are to be confirmed by the hotel.

For the MIFM&Russian Film Business participants there will be transfer provided to/from the Digtal Business square.

*Transfer schedule will be available at on 23 November 2021.

The MIFM&Russian Film Business GENERAL SCHEDULE

December 6

14:00 - 17:00 Guests and participants meeting and accreditation /

Presentations and screenings, the work of the industrial zone

17:00 Departure for the Opening Ceremony at Moskino Cosmos theatre. Film screening. Opening reception.

*Details TBC closer to the event dates

December 7-9

10:30 – 20:00 The MIFM&Russian Film Business events

*Detailed events schedule and timings will be available closer to the event dates at our official website

The MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum ORGANISER

The organiser of the MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum  is LLC KINOBUSINESS where Ekaterina Bordacheva is the Founder and the Director General.

The organiser of the MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum determines the timing, frequency and event venues independently on agreement with its long-standing partners and participants. The organiser develops and approves the forum concept and the pricing policy.

Company details: FILMMARKET LLC, Russia, Moscow. VO 70200

The MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum official technical partners

  • General technical partner – Kinokomfort Laser
  • Cinionic and Barco companies
  • Harkness Screen company


During certain presentations and screenings, photography, video filming, audio recording, streaming to internet and social networks are strictly prohibited including posting of the content in social media and might be possible only with the organiser notification and only on agreement with the organiser. The restrictions will be announces before each event if applied. In the event of the rules violation the organiser has the right to cancel the accreditation for the entire forum period.

The MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum events schedule is regulated by the Official Program available on the forum website as well as in its official print and social media.



The deadline for accreditation application on the official website is November 30, 2021.

Accreditation categories:

  1. Participant  / Supplier (services and equipment)

Accreditation for the whole period of the MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum  - 10 000 rubles

*it includes the badge for all forum dates and the access to the forum business events, forum welcoming bag. Access to private functions is granted by an aditional invitation from the function company organiser and as decided by them.

Accreditation for one day of the MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum  - 5 000 rubles

*it includes the badge valid one day with the acess to the forum business events on that day, information printed materials. Access to private functions is granted by an aditional invitation from the function company organizer and as decided by them.

Important: In case of the accreditation cancellation request seven days prior to the event 80% of the accreditation price amount will be refunded.  The accreditation price amount is not refundable if the cancellation request is made 48 hours prior to the event.

  1. Press

Accreditation is free and includes the badge for the whole forum period with the access to the forum business events.

Accreditation of representatives of the media (hereinafter referred to as the media) for the MIFM&Russian Film Business Forum is carried out in accordance with the Media Legislation of the Russian Federation and the current Rules in order to regulate the work of media representatives.

Press accreditation is available exclusevely for the members of editorial staff (journalists, photographers, cameramen, technical staff) of active and officially registered media covering film industry. The MIFM&Russian Film Business reserves the right to request additional information to confirm the accreditation.

The organiser has the right to refuse accreditation in any category with no explanation.

Badges will be issued upon presentation of an identity document (passport, ID, driving license, etc.). Taking into account the cases of badge transfer to third parties, the lost badge cannot be reissued and its owner has to apply for a new accreditation.


The Covid Free zone will operate at all the MIFM&Russian Film Business  venues. During MIFM&Russian Film Business days at the accreditation counters upon receipt of the badge you must present a certificate of vaccination or a QR code along with the identity documents. Non-vaccinated participants will be able to get accredited and take part in the MIFM&Russian Film Business events upon presentation of a negative PCR test (valid within 72 hours from the date of the test) or a certificate of withdrawal from vaccination for those who have contraindications or have had COVID.

By agreeing to the terms of the Rules&Regulation and accepting them, the applicant / participant undertakes to monitor his health and at the first respiratory desease signs and / or in case of the body temperature over 37C, the applicant / participant undertakes to stop attending the events of the MIFM&Russian Film Business and should request medical assistance. If the applicant / participant shows respiratory desease signs or/and the body temperature is over 37C at the MIFM&Russian Film Business entrance control the participant will not be allowed to the venues.


Presentations and screenings

Screen time rent

Big Hall at Digital Business Space (2nd floor) – 112 000 rubles per hour.

*Available for presentations and screenings

Rehearsals and preparatory events / Big Hall at Digital Business Space (2nd floor) – 112 000 rubles per hour.

Small Hall rent at Digital Business Space (1nd floor, industrial zone) – 50 000 rubles per hour.

*Available for business events, goods and services presentations, conferences.

Screen time rent

Zvezda cinema – 70 000 rubles per hour

*Available for screenings, presentations, breakfast-meets.

The cost of one hour rent includes basic sound and film projection equipment installed by the organiser in the hall, content insallation and check-up services, technical personnel services during a presentation or a film screening, security in the hall, platform, floodlight  and local lighting.

Rent of meeting rooms, rooms for staff - 7500 rubles per hour.

A detailed equipment list and technical specifications are available upon request.

Note! Reserve: screen time or advertising space rent reservation including image and advertising structures installment is valid within 5 working days from the date of the invoicing. If the application was not formalized in the contract and was not paid, the organiser has the right to cancel it. Upon the booking request the organiser sends the contract and the invoice for the security deposit.

Advertising structures

The MIFM&Russian Film Business industrial zone:

  • Tech lounge – Small Hall lobby, 1st floor
  • Industry lounge – Lobby, 1st floor, cafe
  • Movie bar – Lobby, 2nd floor
  • Cinema longe - Lobby, 2nd floor
  • Press-centre, Lobby, 2nd floor

Hardposter/1950 cm х 1350 cm х 400 cm - 35 000 rubles

Polystyrene lighted stands / 2200 cm x 1550 cm x 600 cm - 50 000 rubles

Three-dimentional stand 2350 cm х 2320 cm х 700 cm - 120 000 rubles

*Layout is to be agreed with the organisers.


Attendee kit branding 1000 items –  500 000 rubles

Badge branding of all cathegories (reverse side) 1000 items – 90 000 rubles

Accreditaton desk branding –  250 000 rubles

Digital branding:

Digital pillars, 2 pillars, Lobby 1st floor, 4 hours per day – 25 000 rubles

Pandora wall,  2nd floor - 120 000 rubles.

*on the presentation day according to the events schedule.

Information on the staircases and glass walls branding is available upon request.

Forum Catalogue

Forum catalogue size - 166 mm х 236 mm

Printed copes - 1500 items

Catalogue main headings:

  • Companies directory:

•          Distribution companies

•          Film projection equipment 

•          Cinema equipment

•          Software products

•          Services

  • Releases schedule: winter - spring 2022

Advert ½ page (166 mm х118 mm) - 10 000 rubles

*Technical requirements are provided upon request



For all the inquires:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PAYMENT CONDITIONS for the accreditation and additional promotional              opportunities

In accordance with the requirements of the Legislation of the Russian Federation, Kinobiznes LLC accepts payment for services in non-cash form only.  Payment can be made as a bank transfer or by a bank card on the official website in the section PAYMENT.

Cash payments are not accepted.

To proceed to the bookings and accreditation payment please follow these steps:

-          choose the accreditation type: one day accreditation or the accreditation for the whole period

-          indicate your mobile phone number and e-mail address for the payment confirmation receipt to be sent

-          confirm the payment by clicking  Pay button

-          payment is effected through PAO SBERBANK using bank cards of the following payment systems:

-          receive from the card-issuing bank (hereinafter - the "issue bank"), or from the corresponding electronic payment system a confirmation of the payment authorization.

* Payment authorization is carried out by the issue bank or the corresponding payment system through which the payment is made. An issue bank or an electronic payment system may refuse to authorize a payment if it contravenes the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the rules of the issue bank, the rules of the corresponding electronic payment system or international payment systems, including if the transaction is suspected as being a fraud. All the issues related to the payment are to be resolved by the Buyer directly with the issue bank and the corresponding electronic payment system and at their own expense without reference to these Rules & Regulations. The Buyer is aware that banks and electronic payment systems may charge a commission for the payment transaction. All questions and claims related to the specified commission including the commision applied in case of refund requests are to be resolved by the Buyer directly with the corresponding bank and / or electronic payment system.

By accepting the Rules&Regulations you agree to receive updates of the Rules & Regulations, programs and news of the the MIFM&Russian Film Business.

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